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Your Gold Coast Auctioneer!

Scott Harman is one of the most celebrated and awarded real estate agents still operating today. Throughout his 33 year stellar real estate career on the Gold Coast, Scott’s long list of awards and achievements speak for themselves.

As a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer, Scott Harman has conducted thousands of real estate and charity auctions. With a long history of achieving outstanding results for his clients, Scott is one of the most experienced marketers on the Gold Coast. His knowledge of the real estate market is unparalleled.

In one of the toughest real estate markets in Australia (the Surfers Paradise hi-rise market), Scott trained and led a team of agents who together achieved an auction success rate of over 90%. He has won hundreds of awards for sales and auction excellence and was also the leading apartment salesperson in the largest and most prominent sales team on the Gold Coast.

About Us

The Auction Machine

Scott is now a sought after auctioneer, trainer, coach and mentor thanks to his proven results and training talents. He is a ‘no nonsense’ performer and is a purist in the technical aspects of the real estate industry. Scott has produced more top selling agents on the Gold Coast than any other Coach.

Now operating under his own banner, “The Auction Machine”, Scott provides his specialist real estate training, coaching, consulting and auctioneer services to select agencies who want to set a new benchmark in their agency and become a market leader.

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