About Us

My Training includes:

• The pendulum negotiating model
• The functionality model
• Setting targets and goals
• Isolating the real objection from smokescreens
• Learning about your comfort zone
• Trial closes
• Valuable qualifying buyers questions
• How to handle multiple offer situations
• Global agenda versus motivation
• Negotiating commissions
• Content / context – don’t get bogged down
• How to overcome the difficult building manager or managing agent
• Learn the filters communication model
• A-B-C grade buyers and sellers
• How to get more sales – processing the stock
• There are many, many more sessions available

  • Phone scripts for warm and cold calls
  • Effective prospecting plans
  • Time management
  • Door knocking
  • Effective letter box drops
  • How to approach expired listings
  • Direct mail that works
  • The non-negotiable activities
  • Questions for the global and specific agendas
  • Effective appraising without pricing
  • When to talk about marketing
  • Effective seller contact plan
Auction Presentations
  • Auction presentation strategies that work
  • How to use the “specific agenda”
  • Achieving the premium price
  • Converting old stock to auctions
  • Securing the vendor investment
  • Establishing your points of difference

Are you asking your database of prospective sellers a very simple question? If I got you your price, would you sell?

Scott Harman

  • The purpose of marketing
  • The 4 golden rules of marketing
  • The paradigm of enquiries
  • How to monitor your marketing
  • Establishing a 7 day marketing strategy
Creating Buyers
  • How to turn almost every enquiry into a buyer
  • Scripts that get written offers
  • The psychology of anchoring a buyer
  • Scripts to keep buyers involved
  • How to effectively qualify buyers
  • How to engage hot / warm / cold buyers
Aligning Sellers
  • Learn successful alignment dialogue
  • How to set alignment levels
  • Productive seller reporting
  • The difference between reporting and aligning
  • Earning the right to align

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