``If you want to make an immediate improvement to the skills of your sales team, you have to secure Scott’s services. His content and delivery are unique.``

James Carmicheal - LJ Hooker Cleveland # 1 Sales Office in LJ Hooker network

Luke Henderson – Professionals Mermaid Beach # 1 Auction Agent Eastern Seaboard
“Scott has been my coach for over 4 years. I would recommend Scott to all sales teams.”

Michael Kollosche # 1 Prestige Sales Agent on the Gold Coast
“I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Scott to any business owner who needs additional leadership or coaching support.”

Mitchell Lambert REIQ finalist
“Be ready for a no ‘BS’ approach to achieving results. Scott cuts through the noise and provides a step by step process of what to do and what to say.”

``You are an absolute star and I am super grateful. Scott took my business to the next level. Enlist his skills, you won’t regret it.``

Guy Powell with the #1 Harcourt’s office

Shane Young – Business Owner – Helensvale
“Thanks Scott I cherish the lessons and skills I have learnt from you. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott’s coaching for that extra support and guidance to help bring any business back up to speed.”

Rhys Gordon – ReMax
“ I highly recommend Scott as a Coach and an Auctioneer. Scott’s years of experience shone through during coaching, there wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer. Throughout my time in Real Estate I have not found a single coach with such dedication to his clients.”

Nick Baxter – Ray White Surfers Group
“As a novice under Scott’s guidance and following his incredible process, I listed marketed and sold my first three properties by Auction. Years later I still refer to Scott for guidance in difficult times. You too can take advantage of his knowledge.”

Tulio Fontes – REB Awards Finalist – Grow & Co Property Agents
“Scott recently helped launch our Sales Division, and he has changed my business. Scott’s commitment to excellence and understanding of the Real Estate industry is extraordinary, one session with Scott Harman you will receive more useful tools than any real estate conference out there”.

Deborah Forbutt – Crown Realty
“I doesn’t matter where you are in your real estate career, Scott will be able to assist you to the next level and beyond. His depth of experience, his friendly, straightforward approach, and his ability to adapt his training to your needs, make him an outstanding coach and mentor. So if you are looking for ways to improve your sales skills, I highly recommend giving Scott a call”.

Jenn Chambers – Re-Max
“I approached Scott for some training, and I got so much more than that. I was overwhelmed by the depth of the content and common-sense processes he showed me. He helped me understand the processes and 2how to take my business to the next level. Scott is someone I’d not only recommend but someone I’d work with again to hone by skills further.”

Daniel & Esmerelda Moloney – PRD Realty
“ We were referred to Scott during a time of serious struggle – we hadn’t had a listing in months and were trying everything to turn this around, without success. From the first meeting, Scott was honest, straightforward and inspiring. We only had been working together for a few weeks when we started seeing major changes in our results and after just 8-weeks we ended up with 10 listings! Scott has been a lifesaver and we would highly recommend giving him a call if you want to take your real estate business to the next level”.

Jason Chandler – Principal/Licencee Platinum Life Member of Multi-Million
Dollar Chapter of LJ Hooker Captains Club
“After being religiously followed up for over a year I decided to use Scott from recommendations from other business owners and his determination and passion to assist my team. Scott has been an asset to provide coaching and support to my successful agents to help them refine and assist me in taking them to the next level. Scott is willing to go above and beyond to work as a group or one on one coaching. I am happy to recommend

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