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Who’s fault is it when there’s no opening bids on a property? It’s every agents worst fear.

I can guarantee you multiple opening bids!

I can give you coaching and scripts!

I will give you the dialogue needed to secure a successful auction!

“ I highly recommend Scott as a Coach and an Auctioneer. Scott’s years of experience shone through during coaching, there wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer. Throughout my time in Real Estate I have not found a single coach with such dedication to his clients.”

Rhys Gordon – ReMax

Scott Harman

Gold Coast Auctioneer

Do you want a Gold Coast Auctioneer who doesn’t just show up to call your Auction?

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    ``You are an absolute star and I am super grateful. Scott took my business to the next level. Enlist his skills, you won’t regret it.``

    Guy Powell with the #1 Harcourt’s office

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    My experience is your gain! A fresh to the industry agent managed to secure a property with the help of my coaching, then market it, and sell it under the hammer at a RECORD PRICE!

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