Multiple Offers Do Not Work!

Multiple offers do not work!

Multiple offers certainly don’t work for you as the agent because there are so much downtime on a multiple offer situation, even if you’re handling it correctly. They certainly don’t work for the buyers because the buyers are getting really cheesed off about all these multiple offer situations and they will certainly never work for your seller because NOT putting those buyers in the competitive environment (which is the best way to handle your multiple-offer situation.)

Now, most people will say look, you have until 12:00 tomorrow to put your very best foot forward, you get your multiple offers in by 12:00 tomorrow, you may discuss them with your seller, but I guarantee you if you went back to all of those multiple offer buyers and ask them to increase their offer, even by a couple of thousand dollars to secure the property. I bet you they would but of course, you can’t do that under multiple offer situation.

So the best thing for you to say, is to these people that are involved in the multiple offer situation that we’re going to put you in a totally transparent environment so you can see exactly what the other buyer is offering you’ll all be under the same deposit. Same settlement, even subject to finance if need be, and you put them in a totally transparent environment!

So instead of having your multiple offer situation close at 12:00 tomorrow, you have an auction and you put those buyers in competition. I guarantee you, it’ll be less work for you, the agent. The buyers are a lot happier because there’s a totally transparent environment and your cell is going to benefit because you’ve got those buyers in an emotional competition.

Try it.

It’ll work.

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